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Fumblestone 4


A curious natural and enhanced beach pebble created for the hand or display.
Size approx 4cm x 3cm.
Incudes a felt bag for safekeeping.
Price includes P&P

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Fumblestones are small pebbles selected from the Northumberland coast for their pleasing shapes and piddock holes.
Piddocks are clam-like shellfish that burrow into soft rocks as they grow, creating a protective burrow where they live for their whole lives.
Working with the pleasing natural forms and echoing ancient artworks, the piddock holes are lined with gold leaf and the pebbles are carved with cup and ring designs, similar to those found at Neolithic sites across the county.
These pebbles are lovely to hold and roll around in the hand as well as curious objects to display.
Each fumblestone is individually hand gilded and carved so no two are the same.
Each is also initialled and dated on the underside.
The fumblestones come in soft felt bags to protect them.