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The Little Prints is a one-person studio operating from an upstairs room in a small house.

Each item is hand-made individually (even the prints) making each item unique.

Each item is signed and dated. Each card is signed and embossed.

When there’s an idea that surfaces at a random time, usually inspired by a juxtaposition of thoughts, by someone else’s creativity, by an overheard or misheard conversation or by smashing two other ideas together, that becomes a concept to be explored.

One of the main thoughts when the creator has a spark is ‘How can I achieve this?’ and things go on from there.

The creator may get bored with making one thing again and again so will decide to make something new instead. Therefore, some ranges may stop being available and new ranges will emerge.

A lot of the work is experimental, but each item in a run should be a refinement of the previous item or technique.

The use of what would be considered waste and recycled materials (particularly card and paper) is encouraged whenever possible or practicable.

Do not expect consistency of themes.

Do not expect large runs of anything.

Expect new things on an arbitrary basis.

Prices may vary depending on mood, but affordability is often at the fore-front.

The Little Prints is happiest working to fulfil an order, or a commission. Feel free to ask for a commission (

The Little Prints is not a hard-headed business chasing profit, the point is to create new things, therefore The Little Prints will never be rich.